Dear Pleiades, I by Linette Marie Allen
After the Sun Split in Two by Bill Ayres
Poems by John Blair
Poems by John Byrne
How I Imagine Sweat Lodges Are by Ian Capelli
Portrait of Simone de Beauvoir as a Beaver by Natalia Conte
Pass Over by Timothy Dejong
Poems by Darren Demaree
Poems by Maurice Ferguson
Poems by Cal Freeman
Poems by Robin Gow
A Probing by John Grey
Tresha is an Invented Name by Tresha Faye Haefner
the knowledge of walls by alyssa hanna
In Light of All The Suicides by Crystal Ignatowski
Reading in the Dark by Becky Kennedy
Great Apes by Cindy King
Poems by Abigail Carl-Klassen
Song by John Leonard
In the Cold Ground (Tom Waits) by Édgar Rincón Luna
Dare I Speak of Heaven? by Vicki Mandell-King
Poems by Nicole Mason
Huddle House by Marc Meierkort
When They Drained the Canals at Amsterdam … by Amelie Meltzer
Sonnet by Philip Miller
Landscape with Loss in Motion by Kat Neis
Seeing by Matt Peluso
Poems by Kathryn Bratt-Pfotenhauer
Poems by Gretchen Rockwell
Liturgy for a Lunch Lady by Brant Short
From the Sea by Noel Sloboda
Excursion by Susan Sonde
Time is an Enormous Long River by Trevor Tingle
In a Painting, Waiting to Remember by Rebecca Watkins
Bird of Paradise by Joe Woodward



Poems by S.R. Aichinger
Six Months Since by Miranda Ardis
The Optimist by Glen Armstrong
Buy Me Flowers by Chelsea Bayouth
Milk Carton by Anna Bernstein
Girls by Elisabeth Blair
Apologia by Adrian Blevins
Poems by Terry Bodine
Poems by Daniel Bourne
A Dogwood by Robert Brussack
New Stretch Marks at 23 by Cathy Cook
Rick's Orchard by Joe Cottonwood
Poems by Holly Day
Poems by John Delaney
Pale Ale by Russell Evatt
Poems by Mike Faran
Poems by Paul Freidinger
What Certain Voice by Peter Grandbois
Poems by Jessie Graybill
Transitive by Jeremy Gregersen
Poems by Steve Hallett
Rain & the Spoiled Child by John Haugh
Chainsaw Artist by Kathleen Hellen
Pretending by Emalohi Iruobe
Overlooking the Ravine by James Croal Jackson
Interior Decoration by Michael Jewell
Postcards from Paris by Julia Caroline Knowlton
The Bully by Sharon Larsen
Poems by Lyn Lifshin
Poems by Jimmy Long
His Daily Walk by Priscilla Long
Detachment by Alex MacConochie
Poems by Vincent Madero
Laughter Really Is Carbonated Holiness by Vicki Mandell-King
On Being a Woman (in ten parts) by Angelica Mercado
Poems by Devon Miller-Duggan
The Poem in Which I Account for Wasted Time by Nicholas Molbert
Remembering His Name by Janice Northerns
Soon by Ronald Pelias
A Pinewood Cabin by Matt Prater
Typically English by Donna Pucciani
The Beauty of the Fork by Rebecca Pyle
Poems by Brian Randall
Imagine by Barb Reynolds
Poems by Benjamin Schmitt
Poems by E.B. Schnepp
Poems by Evan Sheldon
While Waiting for a Streetcar This Morning, the Unknown Fills Me with Wonder by Ahrend Torrey
In Praise of Sarena Moore's Service Dog by Rick Viar
Poems by Mary Warner
Interim by Laura Madeline Wiseman
Dear Sister by Rose Maria Woodson
Poem by Haley Wooning
Poems by Hannah VanderHart
Poems by McKenzie Zalopany




Poems by Jessica Abughattas
Singed, Unhurt by E. Kristin Anderson
Poems by Roy Bentley
Poems by Sarah Bigham
Paul by Paula Brancato
Mister Magnificent Feeds His Family by John Buckley and Martin Ott
Miner Home by Travis Byram
Poems by Kevin Casey
Poems by R.T. Castleberry
Poems by Ava C. Cipri
Poems by James Connolly
Lakutshon'ilanga by Brendan Cooney
Poems by Joe Cottonwood
Poems by Ken Craft
Storytime by Elizabeth Crowell
The Piano Tuner Spits in His Hands by Daniel Daly
Poems by Holly Day
White Mountain by Matthew Dulany
The Firmament Below by J.M. Hall
Poems by Edward Hemstreet
All the Ways It Could Go Down by Katherine Eulensen
Poems by Ken Holland
Sometimes the Night Arrives Without Design by Tom Holmes
Poems by Zebulon Huset
Lazarus is a Black Man by Matthew Johnson
Lost Time by K.S. Keeney
Before the Surgeon General's Warning by Jamie Keith
The Bone Wife by Marian Kilcoyne
Poems by Becca Lamarre
Poems by Sean Lause
A Woman Remembered by Judith Ann Levison
Poems by Jessica Long
A Last Villanelle by Kurt Luchs
Poems by Lyn Lifshin
Poetics by Fred Maus
Psithurism by Nolan Meditz
Poems by Jalina Mhyana
Poems by Catherine Moore
State of Concern by Daniel Moore
Forgotten Father by Daryl Muranaka
Dormant by Kevin Oberlin
A Hurricane Complains to God by Martha Otis
Poems by Linda Parsons
Poems by Simon Perchik
Poems by Richard King Perkins II
Going to Rome by Donna Pucciani
Poems by Nancy Pulley
The News by Matthew Roth
Kintsugi by Eric Roy
When I Street Raced on Summer Nights by Logan Seidl
Poems by David Stallings
Poems by Ellen Steinbaum
Poems by Henry Taylor
Nesting by Alex Thomas
Fresh by Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad
Music From a Wet Distance by Allison Thorpe
On Teaching My Toddler New Words by Jeffrey Tucker
Widow by Millie Tullis
Poems by Lillo Way
Second Child by Yun Wei
Poems by John Sibley Williams
Poems by Anne Whitehouse
Old Royal by Jeff Worley
Chung Tzu Dreams of a Butterfly by Amos Jasper Wright


Olive by Jordi Alonso
Oysters by Jordi Alonso
The Parts of Her Body Huddled Together like a Pack of Glossy Dogs by Daniel Bănulescu
Places to Land by Gabriella M. Belfiglio
Ghosts at the Auctioneer's by Ruth Berman
Just Something Just There by Adrian Blevins
Coming Home by John Davis
The Midwatch by John Davis
Weezy, Down-Low by Adam Day
A Brief History of the Immigrant Experience in America by Kenneth DiMaggio
four years after my father died of our heart condition. by linda harris dolan
in the bones. by linda harris dolan
Ferguson (2014) by Jozelle Dyer
To Sylvia Gonzales by Jozelle Dyer
Mom's Warning to Me by Roberta Feins
Genetic by Linda Fischer
match.com by Hillary Ferguson
Bones by Samantha Leigh Futhey
Field Notes on Hands by Samantha Leigh Futhey
Not at War by Jesse Graves
Trace by Jesse Graves
A Gift I'm Not Qualified to Give by Zebulon Huset
Just Shy of Soda Springs by Zebulon Huset
Castiglione del Lago by Jack Lindeman
The Moondial by Marla Melito
East Carson Confessional by Toni Murabito
When I Ask Them if They Think I'm Sexy, They Tell Me They Love my Smile by Toni Murabito
The Math of Gifts That Are Not Wages by HeidiLynn Nilsson
Death is So Simple by Sudie Nostrand
Three Poems by Simon Perchik
Skinned Savanna by Richard King Perkins II
Crow Goes Hungry by Kate Ruebenson
Redd Hede by Joan Roberta Ryan
Sunday Dilemma by Joan Roberta Ryan
Upon the Shelf the World is Crying by Mark Smith
When We Were Young by David Stallings
CUL-DE-SAC by Robert Tremmel
POWER OUTAGE by Robert Tremmel
Alan Shepard: May 5th, 1961 by Stan Lee Werlin
The Way of Birds by Stan Lee Werlin
Mendicant's Cemetery by Ernest Williamson III
The Walls are Four Feet Thick by Annie Woodford





alas, poor mr. lighthead by B.J. Best
Post a Little Hurricane by William C. Blome
genesis by Michael Collins
Life and Death on Venice Street by Timothy Dodd
Shoobie by Matthew Dulany  
Gettysburg, 2013 by Alan Elyshevitz
SAMSARA by Greg Girvan
As She Bows by Marjie Gowdy
Maddie by Ed Granger
Fargo by Zebulon Huset
The Alchemist's Wife by Les Kay
Porcelain by Greg McBride
Side by Side at the Zoo by Greg McBride
Deep Creek Lake by Dana McConaughy
The Diamond, Meaty by M. Nasorri Pavone
Spitting by M. Nasorri Pavone
Postspawn Mortality by Richard King Perkins II
Toys at the Edge of the Room by Richard King Perkins II
My Grandmother's Hands by Michael Phillips
Avoiding Etna by Donna Pucciani
Song for Pilgrims by Justin Runge
Burial Details by Seven Scott
Chewing Cud by Seven Scott
Found by Matthew Stark
To forget to reduce to pebbles to turn by Matthew Stark
Painbirds II by Ashley Warren
Painbirds IV by Ashley Warren




Mother of God by John Toivonen
God of Dreadnought by John Toivonen
The Matador by John Toivonen
All the Birds are Leaving #54 by Darren C. Demaree
Season Stanzas by Changming Yuan
Y, Y by Changming Yuan
Jim by Bill Edmondson
Favor by Joe Delong
Canticle for Travel to Bad Durkheim by Jeffrey Alfier
Bump by Kristi Carter
Choke Spell by Kristi Carter
Radio Song by Kristi Carter
And What About the Pioneers? by James Doyle
Street of Houses by Mark Gordon
Careen by Chad Hanson
To the Virgins by Cindy King
Out on the River by Stuart Knee
The Welcome Mat by Zell Kravinsky
Intermezzo by David Sapp
Virginia Poe Dying by Allen Stein
Rapture by Taylor Supplee
Penumbra by Taylor Supplee
Drowned by Clay Waters




A Brief History of the Novel by Brendan Todt
Distance by Chet Naylor
Emily as Debris and Sparkle by Darren C. Demaree
On Cold Mountain by David Stallings
Cognitive Popcorn by Donelle Dreese
Dying by Emily Blair
Love for a Slender Girl by Evan Beaty
This Poem Is Not About Orpheus and Eurydice by Evan Beaty
The Needle by Gregory Crosby
Churning by James B. Nicola
Home with a Formal Garden by James Sundahl
Understanding String Theory by Jeff Haynes
Body Litter by Jeffrey N. Johnson
Déjà Vu by Joan Roberta Ryan
Demented, What Does My Sister Know? by Madelyn Garner
Aubade by Mark Jay Brewin, Jr.
Going Back by Matt Dennison
Sad Story's Lament by Melina Papadopoulos
Atlantic City by Natalie Homer
Thirst by Nicci Mechler
The Variable by Nikolai von Keller
Pressure by Patrick McGee
Lawn Mower by Robert Tremmel
The Exact Moment He Leaves by Robert Tremmel
cat by Sara Uribe
split by Sara Uribe
Fossil Beach by Seth Benton
Visiting Tenakee Springs, AK by Sierra Golden
On the Tip of My Tongue by Spencer Smith
Flaws by Valentina Cano
The Light Deep in Karla by William Jolliff




Somniloquence on the High Plains by Adam Houle
Gene Nomenclature Stranded at Second by Angela Rydell
Grace by Joseph Chaney
Android With Electric Sheep by Susan Shafarzek
Monsoon by Nathan White
What It's Like to be the First on the Scene of a Rollover Crash Late at Night by Matthew J. Spireng
Jackpine Savages by Judy Ireland
Afterlife by Donna Pucciani
The Bachelor's Arcana: Nocturne by William H. Wandless
Palimpest by William H. Wandless
Coming In from the Back Porch at Night, West Texas by Adam Day
On the Lake, Under the Fog, With Blue Skies by Nancy Long
Most of What I Know About Electricity by Cody Greene
The Twist by Dave Lewitzky
Red Apple Break Up by Jim Daniels
Elmer's Glue Girl by Peter Kahn
First Time Caller, Long Time Listener by Tom Chandler
Free Radicals by Danielle Hanson
When the Child Died by Danielle Hanson
A Few Square Inches by Marc Harshman
Lost for Words by Fredrick Zydek
Nikko Shrine by Joann Gardner
Chester Train by Noel Conneely
Guys by J. Stephen Rhodes




Exhausted Morning by Doug Ramspeck
The Smallness of Desire by Doug Ramspeck
The Old Myths by Doug Ramspeck
The Way to Milder Manor by Grace Bauer
Apotheosis of the Harvest by Jene Erick Beardsley
Object Lesson by Michael Milburn
A Roomful of Widows by Patrick Ryan Frank
A Gambler Prays by Patrick Ryan Frank
Ghost Story by Brad Clompus
The Crushes of Old Men by Robert L. Penick
The Intention of Dreams by Robert Collet Tricaro
Sister by Sarah Marshall
More by Greg McBride
The Dam Keeper's House by Dr. William Miller
from elsewhere by Scott Alexander Jones
Old Fire by Cyndi Gacosta
How to Take Your Temperature by Aubrey Hirsch
Annarosa by David Sapp
Stems by Jan Ball
My Son, The Doctor by Alan Harawitz
Predawn Thunderstorm by Richard Dinges, Jr.
My Disregarded Death by Kenneth O'Keefe




The Beautiful Thing by Lee Upton
Boring Dinners by Lee Upton
Fine Wine by Lee Upton
Netting Language: An Interview by Lee Upton
The Woman I Was by Jonathan Musgrove
They let me have the first shot by Jonathan Musgrove
Personal Day by P.J. Gallo
Collective by P.J. Gallo
Purple City by P.J. Gallo
Hospital Bed by P.J. Gallo
An Essay on Whale Oil by P.J. Gallo
Five Memories as Poems by Jesse Dunlap
Second Grade, Small Town New England, 1947 by Susan Howard Case
Road Construction by Susan Howard Case
The Watermelon by Josh Baugher
A Simple Declaration by Josh Baugher
In My Tree House by Gregory Sherl
Sex Tape by Gregory Sherl
Lindsay's Dervish by Steven Reese
The House on Rush by Steven Reese
What Else There is to Do by Katherine Soniat
Salt by Katherine Soniat
Mud Sock Baptist Missionary Circle, 1962 by William Jolliff
The Old Ways by William Jolliff
The Stark House by William Jolliff
His for the Taking by Patricia Smith
Recognizing Bird Songs by Jessie Holton Graybill
Indivisible by Brandon Krieg
Elegy for Intimacy by Michael Jaynes
The Unexpected Nature of Things by George Moore
Daytime Drama by Kasandra Larsen
Calamity by Catherine Harnett
Also Like by Jonathan Greenhause
Weeds by Don Thompson
Bud Vase by Colleen S. Harris
Amish Country by Noel Sloboda
Visiting by Thomas Locicero
Light from Light by Devon Miller-Duggan
Dindi Sparkling by Kenneth Pobo