Fiction & Nonfiction

Pareidolia by Laura Citino
What Your Eyeballs Smell Like When they are Melting By Brennen Fahy
Please Remember to Rewind by Paul Gleed
Mr. Fagg and Me by Greg Marshall
Bipolar by Eugene Stelzig

French Lick by Charles Booth
The Love Couple by Karl Harshbarger
Murals by Susan Land
On the Question of Pluto by Nick Roth
Little Aces by Paul Vega
Scenes from the Amtrak by Jaye Viner
God Willing, and the Creek Don't Rise by T.E. Wilderson
Feeding the Dog by Cassondra Windwalker


Poems by Jessica Abughattas
Singed, Unhurt by E. Kristin Anderson
Poems by Roy Bentley
Poems by Sarah Bigham
Paul by Paula Brancato
Mister Magnificent Feeds His Family by John Buckley and Martin Ott
Miner Home by Travis Byram
Poems by Kevin Casey
Poems by R.T. Castleberry
Poems by Ava C. Cipri
Poems by James Connolly
Lakutshon'ilanga by Brendan Cooney
Poems by Joe Cottonwood
Poems by Ken Craft
Storytime by Elizabeth Crowell
The Piano Tuner Spits in His Hands by Daniel Daly
Poems by Holly Day
White Mountain by Matthew Dulany
The Firmament Below by J.M. Hall
Poems by Edward Hemstreet
All the Ways It Could Go Down by Katherine Eulensen
Poems by Ken Holland
Sometimes the Night Arrives Without Design by Tom Holmes
Poems by Zebulon Huset
Lazarus is a Black Man by Matthew Johnson
Lost Time by K.S. Keeney
Before the Surgeon General's Warning by Jamie Keith
The Bone Wife by Marian Kilcoyne
Poems by Becca Lamarre
Poems by Sean Lause
A Woman Remembered by Judith Ann Levison
Poems by Jessica Long
A Last Villanelle by Kurt Luchs
Poems by Lyn Lifshin
Poetics by Fred Maus
Psithurism by Nolan Meditz
Poems by Jalina Mhyana
Poems by Catherine Moore
State of Concern by Daniel Moore
Poems by Christopher Munde
Forgotten Father by Daryl Muranaka
Dormant by Kevin Oberlin
A Hurricane Complains to God by Martha Otis
Poems by Linda Parsons
Poems by Simon Perchik
Poems by Richard King Perkins II
Going to Rome by Donna Pucciani
Poems by Nancy Pulley
The News by Matthew Roth
Kintsugi by Eric Roy
When I Street Raced on Summer Nights by Logan Seidl
Poems by David Stallings
Poems by Ellen Steinbaum
Poems by Henry Taylor
Nesting by Alex Thomas
Fresh by Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad
Music From a Wet Distance by Allison Thorpe
On Teaching My Toddler New Words by Jeffrey Tucker
Widow by Millie Tullis
Poems by Lillo Way
Second Child by Yun Wei
Poems by John Sibley Williams
Poems by Anne Whitehouse
Old Royal by Jeff Worley
Chung Tzu Dreams of a Butterfly by Amos Jasper Wright




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